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Uneven Proportions and Other Common Mistakes Crochet Newbies Make

Crochet is not only about learning the different stitches and reading the pattern right to ensure that your work ends up the way it’s supposed to look. As you begin, you often concentrate on ensuring you get the stitches right that you end up with a project looking a little less than expected. Seeing as you put in a lot of time and effort to create something, it can be a little disheartening when your project ends up the way it’s not supposed to. That is not enough reason to give up so easily though. Mistakes are common especially...

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The Trick to Making Heavier Yarn Using Two Yarns

Taking up crochet can both be rewarding and frustrating at times. Although your basic necessities are only the hook and yarn, it can be really annong if you cannot find the exact kind of yarn the pattern you want calls for. Sometimes it also happens too that you don’t like the type of yarn indicated in the pattern and you just simply want to change it. If either of these two situations happen, there is no reason to fret. Substitution of yarn is absolutely possible and the key to doing so is to understand the different kinds of yarns...

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What Continuing Around Means in Crocheting

Aside from being an art form, crochet is also a science. Every pattern contains detailed instructions about the stitches you need to make and you need to follow this closely in order to get the desired results. As such, one of the key skills every beginner needs to master in crocheting is learning how to read pattern instructions. Normally, crochet patterns will look like they are told in gibberish to the novice. Stitches are abbreviated and there are unique terminologies being used. However, it will all make sense to you once you get into the craft and start being...

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How Crocheting Can Help in Mindfulness Practice

Modern life has taken its toll on many of us that it’s almost impossible to ignore the predominance of chronic burnout not only in our office environments but also in our own circle of friends. That’s because we associate stillness with unproductivity and relaxation with the lack of ambition. Yet, the opposite mindset, which can lead to a very demanding workload and unnecessary pressure, can also bring about high levels of stress. This can lead to different negative responses in our bodies that can manifest themselves as insomnia, migraine, muscle pain or high blood pressure. One of the most...

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