A lot of crafty individuals take up crochet to make scarves, baby items and unique throw blankets for their home. Yet, there is no reason why you can’t also crochet beautiful handmade items for the men in your lives too. If you’ve been looking for excellent crochet gift ideas for your dad, your husband or your son, the good news is that there are so many things you can make with a hook and yarn depending on what they like and what they are like.

Before you even start looking for a pattern, the first thing you have to consider is the occasion for the present. Will this be for a birthday, a promotion or just a little thoughtful something? Sometimes the occasion already pretty much dictates what present you can make. A personalized sweater would always make for a good Christmas present while you can never go wrong with a super warm blanket in whatever occasion really.

If this doesn’t seem to narrow it down for you, the next thing you will have to consider would be the person’s taste itself. Ask yourself some basic questions like: Does he have a penchant for hats? Will he be able to appreciate it if you gave him a blanket? What colors would he like? Taking the time to think about your gift will be the key to finding a great pattern and one that your recipient would really like too. If you’re at loss of where to start, below are excellent ideas for you to consider.

Crocheted Garments for Men

One very basic and useful gift you could give a loved one – whether it is a male or female – is a cozy sweater made with love. You can choose to do a plain sweater with just one color or a striped sweater if your skill level allows you to. The best part about making a sweater is that you only need the general measurements of the person you’re giving it to, as sweaters don’t really need to be a tight fit and there are several patterns available in the Internet even for beginner level crocheters.

If the recipient loves hats, this is another great option to crochet. There are general measurements you can follow if you wish to make a hat as a gift. For average-sized adults, a hat measuring a circumference of 22 inches and a height of 8.5 inches is good to go. For a larger-sized adult, you may want to adjust the circumference to 24 inches and the height to 9.25 inches instead. For children, 20 inches for the circumference and a height of 6.25 inches will be good enough. You can make the necessary changes you want. And if you even have the exact measurements of the person you want to give it to, that’s even better!

A scarf is another project that is easy to complete and very versatile to use. Depending on your budget, you can even choose yarn made of luxurious cashmere or merino wool. It’s really completely up to you. Usually for men, it’s good to stick with one basic solid color. You could never go wrong with navy blue, maroon or black as they tend to go well for any outfit an occasion.

Crocheted Accessories for Men

If you want to give smaller items, you can choose to do a smartphone sock case, a remote control holder or a cup holder. These items may seem a little feminine, but with the right color scheme, men would love this too. Another idea would be to make a crocheted water bottle holder for the sporty men in your lives. Again, the color scheme is key here, and as always, it is best to stick with the basics such as navy blue, olive green and dark red.

A car pillow may also be a good idea too. You can crochet a pillow using his favorite team’s colors. Surely he would be ecstatic to receive such a gift. That way he has something he could use for decoration in his car and his passengers would be appreciative of it too when the need for a pillow arises during long drives.

For guys who play golf, one really good option to consider is a personalized tee bag. There are a lot of nice yet easy-to-follow pattern that will surely be greatly appreciated by the receiver. There is even a kind that you can fold up that looks like an actual tee bag.

If he’s the kind of guy that loves to organize, you can make him organizer bags too. He can use these to store his shoes or you can make him a laundry bag for his dirty clothes too. Sometimes utilitarian gifts are the best options.

Crocheted Home Items for Men

Another gift idea, although this one could take a long time to complete, is a blanket. If you have a lot of time and patience to complete this kind of project, go for it. During the winter, when one can never have too many blankets, surely a blanket of the wool variety will be greatly appreciated by anybody. Think of it the same way you would of a quilt. It’s super comfortable and surely the recipient of your gift wouldn’t want to sleep a day without it.

In the end, these are only just a few of the hundreds of gift ideas you could choose to make for your male loved ones. Who said crocheted goods are only for babies, homes and females? Keep in mind though, that a guy is still a guy. Although he may appreciate all the effort you did for the crocheted sweater you gave him, he may not feel the same way about a watch or a tie. As with anyone you’d like to pamper with a present, consider his personality and what you feel will suit him best and you can never go wrong. By keeping them in mind, you really give them something meaningful for them that they will treasure for a long time.