If you were looking for a beginner-friendly project to work on, learning how to crochet a classic granny square would make for a good starting point. Aside from being one of the most useful skills for you to learn, the granny square can be pieced together to make just about any crocheted item that you can think of. From purses and placemats to sweaters and scarves, the classic granny square is incredibly versatile and certainly useful in your technique arsenal.

Before you get started, it is important to know that there are many different variations of a granny square. In fact, it can refer to any type of crocheted square. This only means that there are many different ways to make it too. The good news about it is that almost all types of granny squares make use of the same principles. As long as you know how to make chains and make double crochet stitches, you are good to go. If you don’t, this is a good way for you to learn!

Starting Your Granny Square

Just like in every project, the first and most important step is to make a slipknot with your yarn. Once you’re all set, then you can begin prepping for the first round of your granny square.

To start, insert the hook into the knot. Next, chain four stitches and insert your hook into the first stitch, which is the closest one to the slipknot. Yarn over and pull the yarn through the stitch, then slip the stitch through the loop on your hook. This creates the ring that serves as the center of your granny square. Take note of the hole in the center of the ring, as this is where all the work will be done for the first round.

Making the First Round of Your Granny Square

The first round will consist of four shells and each shell will consist of three double crochets together in the same space.

For every shell, a chain of three will be taking the place of your first double crochet and then you just have to finish it off with two consecutive double crochets into the ring to complete it. As you would need four shells per round, you will have to repeat this process three more times to complete the first round. Just remember that you will need to chain two stitches between each shell in the first round.

Once you’ve got all your four shells together, you’re now ready to join them. To do this, chain two stitches then insert your hook into the second stitch of the first shell you made. With your hook through the stitch, yarn over and pull through. Then, you just make a slip stitch through the loop on your hook and viola, that concludes the first round!

Adding More Rounds to Your Granny Square

All your next rounds are just going to be a repeat of the first round. The only difference is the number of shells you will need to make and the amount of chain stitches between shells.

For round two, start by simply chaining three stitches straight up. Next, double crochet into the large hole near the base of the ‘chain three’ and double crochet again into the same hole. That would complete your three double crochets or a “shell.” Unlike the first round, you would only need to chain one between shells on the edge of the square. However, you would need to chain two among a group of shells in the corner of the square.

To complete this round, all you have to do is create more shells as you wish and then join them together as you have in the first round. You could keep going with as many rounds as you want, or you can finish the square off as it is. As you work through your granny square, know that it really depends on your preference how many rounds you want to add. It is entirely up to you.

Finishing Your Granny Square

Once you have completed your last round, you should cut your working yard and leave at least six but no more than eight inches of yarn. Next, pull the yarn straight through the last slipstitch you have just made. This is a very important step, as this will keep your granny square from unraveling.

To sew in the loose ends, use a large needle and thread the yarn through it. Make sure to insert the needle through several groupings of loops and repeat as many times as you feel comfortable. There is no exact formula for this step. Just make sure you sew it in discretely. When you are done, pull it tight and cut it off.

How to Take Your Granny Square to the Next Level

If you’re comfortable crocheting a classic granny square in a single color, you can take it to the next level by making multi-color crochet granny squares.

In order to this, what you need to do at the end of each round is to complete your slip stitch to finish off that round as if you were finishing off any crochet project. That means you cut the tail and leave the end to weave in later. Then, you just simply join your next color into any corner of your crochet granny square. Once again, you begin with a chain three for your first double crochet of the corner and proceed as normal.

You may also wish to change colors every round or alternate colors from one round to another. It is completely up to you how you plan to mix and match different colors.

Wherever you are in your crochet journey, it helps to learn how to crochet the classic granny square. Not only would it make for a great motif, they are also a great way to use up your yarn scraps. To get the best results, make sure to use the crochet hook that is recommended for the weight of your yarn.