Air travel is the best time to catch up on your knitting or crocheting projects. Yet, even if you are a seasoned traveler, it’s very normal for you to feel anxious about going through airport security. After all, there are a lot of rules about what you can and cannot bring in your carry-on.

If you’re worried about whether you can bring craft supplies with you on board or not, the good news is that chances are very low that they’ll ever be refused entry. However, it does help to be mindful of some guidelines and best practices, so you have no reason to be nervous about this tedious protocol at all.

Guidelines for Bringing Craft Supplies on Board

You will typically encounter no problems carrying crafts supplies with you on board. However, on the rare occasion, you may not get too lucky with your knitting needles and scissors.

Knitting needles may occasionally pose a problem, as some suspicious security officers might consider them as weapons. If you don’t want to leave it up to chance, the best way to go about it is to replace your aluminum supplies with plastic or bamboo hooks and needles when you travel.

Depending on the kind of scissors, you may also get in some sort of trouble too. It is absolutely prohibited for anyone to carry pointed-tip metal ones that are longer than four inches. The worst that can happen is they will confiscate your scissors, but you might find yourself stomped when you are trying to cut yarn halfway through your project midair. Your best bet is to bring a pair of plastic kids’ scissors. They are able to cut yarn without a problem and won’t pose any problems going through security. You can also even use your nail clippers, as they can cut through yarn just fine too.

While these are just two of the craft tools that you need to be most careful about, it is important to know that these are just general rules. Depending on your airport of departure, the rules may be more stringent than the others you’ve been to. For this reason, it is important that you exercise caution in bringing valuable crafts supplies with you. If you don’t want to risk having them confiscated, just make sure to bring ones that you’re okay to lose at any point.

Best Way of Bringing Craft Supplies on Board

Truth is, you are unlikely to encounter any real problems with getting crafts supplies through security. Yet, if you want the process to go even smoother, it is best to pack all your supplies with you on just one craft purse that can ideally fit on your carry-on luggage. If it’s too large and heavy, you may risk getting the purse transferred to your checked luggage. In the contrary, if you don’t have them organized in one purse, you may have some troubles locating where you’ve placed them on your carry-on. Neatly arranging them in just one craft purse is undoubtedly the best way you can ensure that you have all the crafts supplies you need with you on the plane.

While it is tempting to bring everything you own with you on the plane, it is important to only stick with the essentials. First things first, don’t forget the pattern of your project. You don’t want to end up in a flight with all that yarn and not be able to work because the pattern is sitting on your bedside table at home. When it comes to your yarn, don’t bring a lot of yarn that you won’t end up using. Instead, just bring enough for the project you intend to do on your flight, and store some extra on your checked luggage. You shouldn’t also forget your stitch markers, as it is normal for you to pause in the middle of a project, especially if you are traveling with kids or on a long-haul flight and have multiple layovers. Having a stitch counter can also be useful too, so you don’t end up forgetting which row and stitch you’re working on. This can come in handy, as you will at some point have to pause to go to the washroom, order your beverage, or talk to a stewardess. There are plenty of stitch counter apps that work offline. It is best to use one, so you don’t have to carry one more item with you on board.

Useful Tips to Minimize Crochet-Tool Trouble on Board

As you should know by now, preparation goes a long way in ensuring you have everything you need for your crochet project with you on board. Even if you have a dedicated crafts purse solely for traveling purposes, it is best to double check the official list of prohibited items right before your flight, just to ensure it hasn’t changed from the last time you traveled. It also doesn’t hurt to check the airline’s website to ensure you are also following their own specific set of rules. If you are traveling internationally, you should also check the international flight restrictions too. Some countries may have tighter policies, and knowing what you can and cannot bring beforehand can save you a lot of trouble on the day of your flight.

It is also prudent to bring a self-addressed envelope with you as you travel. This can come in handy in the event that a very picky security officer won’t let one of your hooks or needles through. They should be able to mail it back home to your address, as long as you supply them with a pre-paid envelope and stamp.

At the end of the day, it is highly unlikely that you’ll get into any problems with crocheting projects during air travel. But with a little bit more effort and preparation, you’ll be able to ensure that passing through security goes smoother than ever. Just keep these tips in mind and you’ll surely be able to leave that plane with a beautifully crafted souvenir that you can forever be proud of.